The 2007 Spring Tour to Porto Portugal was organised by the Bagman with no "pull" from the venue. We flew Ryanair to Porto and stayed in the Aliados Hotel in the square of the same name. After a pleasant afternoon getting acquainted with the City, we had an extravagant meal of traditional Portuguese food in a private dining room off the Quayside. Pockets felt much lighter afterwards!

2007 A01 Porto - Off we go

2007 A02 Porto - New Metro

2007 A03 Porto - Aliados Hotel

2007 A04 Porto - Aliados Place

2007 A05 Porto - Orientation

2007 A06 Porto - Gastronomic Feast

Next morning, after the final members of the Party arrived, we danced in the Square and headed off down to the Quayside.

2007 B01 Porto- Aliados Place

2007 B02 Porto- Aliados Place

2007 B03 Porto- Aliados Place

Porto has a brand new transport system - built to support Euro 2004 Football competition, but some of the old tram system survives.

2007 C01 Porto-Tram to Passeio Alegre

2007 C02 Porto-Tram to Passeio Alegre

2007 C03 Porto-Tram to Passeio Alegre

We headed off to Passerio Alegre near the mouth of the River Duro.

2007 D01 Porto - Passeio Alegre

2007 D02 Porto - Passeio Alegre

2007 D03 Porto - Passeio Alegre

This evening, there was to be a football match involving a British club, and when we returned to Porto the quayside was well alive with lubricated fans. Some seem to have lost their shampoo in the fountain. That evening we dined in the Hotel.

2007 E01 Porto - Quay 1

2007 E02 Porto - Quay 1

2007 E03 Porto - Hotel Aliados Dinner

Next Morning we returned to the Quay for a much quieter spot of dancing and music.

2007 F01 Porto - Quay 2

2007 F02 Porto - Quay 2

2007 F03 Porto - Quay 2

2007 F04 Porto - Quay 2

2007 F05 Porto - Quay 2

2007 F06 Porto - Quay 2

Then over the river to the south quayside where the Port Wine cellars are located for a couple of tours.

2007 G01 Porto - South Bank

2007 G02 Porto - South Bank

2007 G03 Porto - Wine Cellars

2007 G04 Porto - Wine Cellars

2007 G05 Porto - Wine Cellars

2007 G06 Porto - Highland Sword Dance

Then back along the river to take a river trip up and down to the 5 bridges over the Duro.

2007 H01 Porto - 5 Bridges Boat Trip

2007 H02 Porto - 5 Bridges Boat Trip

2007 H03 Porto - 5 Bridges Boat Trip

This evening we mountaineered the hills of Porto to find a restaurant where we had booked to hear the Fado - traditional Portuguese singing.

2007 I01 Porto - Fado

2007 I02 Porto - Fado

2007 I03 Porto - Fado

Friday was planned for a trip up the Duro valley by train. On the first day in Porto we talked to the Tourist office, explained who we were, showed them our website & persuaded them to phone forward to the office at Regau who kindly offered to host us for the day. On the train we met a group of portuguese musicians off on their own tour. More later.

2007 J01 Porto - Duro Valley by Train

2007 J02 Porto - Duro Valley by Train

2007 J03 Porto - Duro Valley by Train

At Regau we were met by two ladies from the Tourist office & after a coffee we went on a dance tour of the town via the town hall, library, riverside cafe and the Port Wine Institute tasting lounge, ending up with a magnificent lunch at a local restaurant. Many thanks to our friends at Regau!

2007 K01 Porto - Regau

2007 K02 Porto - Regau

2007 K03 Porto - Regau

2007 K04 Porto - Regau

2007 K05 Porto - Regau

2007 K06 Porto - Regau

2007 K07 Porto - Regau

2007 K08 Porto - Regau

2007 K09 Porto - Regau

Slightly light-headed from the luncheon wine, we headed back to the train where we met those Portuguese musicians who were even more light-headed bearing flagons of vino verde. The whole journey back was a session of music and dance - including a set of Fado from one of the passengers.

2007 L01 Porto - Regau Return Train

2007 L02 Porto - Regau Return Train

2007 L03 Porto - Regau Return Train

2007 L04 Porto - Regau Return Train

2007 L05 Porto - Regau Return Train

2007 L06 Porto - Regau Return (impromptu Fado)

The evening was much quieter. After a photo call with the Hotel Aliados Maitre D', we headed back to the quay for a few beers and a light supper.

2007 M01 Porto - Aliados Hotel D'

2007 M02 Porto - Quiet Night

2007 M03 Porto - Quiet Night

This was a very memorable tour and here are just a few of them....

2007 N01 Anyone got a cork

2007 N02 Tired Bunny

2007 N03 Pretty Polly

2007 N04 Can't get the Staff

2007 N05 Hello Boys

2007 N06 Chez Nous

...and some of the marvelous sights of this magnificent cite and World Heritage site.

2007 O01 Sightseeing - Quay

2007 O02 Sightseeing - River Duro

2007 O03 Sightseeing - Funicular Railway

2007 O04 Sightseeing - Wine Barge

2007 O05 Sightseeing - Torre Cleregos

2007 O06 Sightseeing

2007 O07 Sightseeing

2007 O08 Sightseeing

2007 O09 Sightseeing

2007 O10 Sightseeing

2007 O11 Sightseeing

2007 O12 Sightseeing

2007 O13 Sightseeing

2007 O14 Sightseeing

2007 O15 Sightseeing - Sao Bento Station